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Attend the August Occupational Therapy Education Virtual Fair!!! This event is sponsored by the American Occupational Therapy Association and is free to all students. On August 4 & 5th, 2015, you can attend a virtual fair and meet representatives from various occupational therapy programs and schools. Click on the links below for more information and registration. We will be there too!

AOTA Virtual Fair August 4 & 5th, 2015

For Registration to this event, click on the link below:

OT Awareness Day at the Long Island State Veterans Home

Admissions information for Prospective Students:

We will contiune to receive all applications through the Occupational Therapy Central Application Service (OTCAS). Please note that we are also requiring applicants to complete a Supplmental Application specific to the Stony brook University Program. After submitting your application through OTCAS, you will receive an email from Stony Brook University alerting you to follow the instructions for the completion of the Supplemental Application. Please be aware that your application will not be reviewed by Stony Brook unless it is also accompanied by the Stony brook Supplemental Application.

Parents Night Out! Babysitting Event

Dear Eva,

It's that time of year again-once again your students gave up their Friday night to volunteer for our Babysitting Night. As a reminder, we hold these nights twice a year so that our families are able to have a much-needed night out. Due to the nature of their children's disabilities, many of our parents are unable to find skilled babysitters that they can trust. Thanks to our volunteers, we are able to give them the sense of comfort that they need to entrust their children to us for the night.

Your students were a great help! They continue to represent themselves and your program in a professional and caring manner. They worked beautifully with our students! We would of course welcome them back at any time. Please extend our gratitude to the following students that volunteered:

Kristen Jata
Jocelyn Decrescenzo
Tania Nunez
Erika Centra
Stephanie Espina
Katherine Oleksiej
Kendall Perks
Jessica Silver
Alexa Goldstein
Eileen Kelleher
Brittney Newton
Nopawan Poomchonghko

I hope that you and your family have a happy holiday season!

Best regards,


SBU Occupational Therapy has expanded to the Southampton Campus!

We are excited to announce that as of June 2014, Stony Brook’s Occupational Therapy Program has expanded to the Stony Brook Southampton Campus. The expansion allows our program to accept an additional 15 students to our program each year. If you plan to apply for June 2015 admissions please consider the Southampton Campus.

NAMI Walk - Shout Out for our OT Students

Dear Dr. Rodriguez,

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful I think your students are. Of course, you already know that so really what I want to do is confirm your opinion. I am a board member of NAMI Q/N. My assignment May 3 was to man the snacks and water table. It might sound like I had too much sun when I tell you that I had a great time doing my job because of your students. They were not only exceptionally helpful but also delightfully pleasant. When they completed their assigned tasks, they led a group (anyone can join) exercise class, a pre-warm up for the big walk. I am definitely impressed with the caliber of student who attends Stony Brook.


Elizabeth Reilly

OT Students Participated in a "Parents Night Out" Babysitting Event

Dear Dr. Rodriquez,

I hope that you are well. It is time again for me to contact you with my praise for your latest group of students. We held our semi-annual babysitting night this past Friday. As you are aware, we could not provide this valuable service (at no charge to families) if we did not have many volunteers. Our students require intensive supervision due to the nature of their developmental issues. Thanks to our many volunteers, the parents of our students were able to enjoy a much-needed night out knowing that their children were being well-cared for. The following students from your program gave up their Friday night to help us:

Sean McDonald, Leo Castro, Luz Bove, Liana Spiciarich, Michelle Lazar, Caitlin Davies, Nicole Sottile, Emma Kim, Tamara Irving, Kerry Sullivan, Sarah Chong, Patrick Martinucci, Ronald Lee, James Descalso Jr., Heather Comparetto, Asha Moonjelly

As in the past, this group represented themselves and your program beautifully! They were attentive and engaging with our students and fellow volunteers. We are grateful for their participation and welcome them or any others from your program to join us again. I hope that you enjoy the holiday season!

Best regards,


Jon Feingold, PhD
Executive Director
The Hagedorn Little Village School,
Jack Joel Center ForSpecial Children

OT Students Participating in the HSA Food Drive

Hobbs farms Update:

Our building dates for creating an accessible farm was Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th; we are very excited about this project!!! It is all about supporting meaningful occupation!!!!

West Campus ADA Review:

The Faculty and Students of the Occupational Therapy Program conducted a review of the West Campus buildings ADA Access to confirm the Campus Map - Index with Disability Access Information.

Student Created Public Service Announcements:

Please view some of the students' work from their Mental Health Course. Professor Getty had them create a short public service announcement on various mental health topics. The video can be viewed through the Students Projects tab here on our website, under the link of "For Students". Enjoy!