PA Entry-Level: Tuition, Financial Aid & Housing


Current tuition and fees can be found on the Bursars website by clicking here.
Once there, click on the link under "Detailed and Per-Credit Rate Tables" for Physician Assistant.
You can use that chart to calculate your total tuition and fees based on the following  credit loads for your two years as a PA student:

Summer Year One 7 credits
Fall Year One Full time (same as 12 credits)
Spring Year One Full time (same as 12 credits)
Summer Year Two 11 credits
Fall Year Two Full time (same as 12 credits)
Spring Year Two Full time (same as 12 credits)

As of 1/27/2020, total tuition and fees for the entire program would be $59,512.10 for New York State residents and $97,346.10  for non-residents.  This included $2,134.46 for each of 4 full-time semesters for a required student health insurance fee.  All full-time students are initially billed for Required Student Health Insurance. Students with alternative health insurance coverage can waive this charge. ALL students who are not US citizens or permanent residents are charged for international student health insurance at a different rate.

As these rates can change, the most current and accurate way to estimate expenses is using the chart and link above.

In addition to food and housing costs for the two years, we suggest you also allow ~$3,000 for other expenses (books, transportation, etc.).

Current policies and procedures regarding refunds of tuition and fees can be found here.

Financial Aid