Radiation Therapy

Admission Requirements Curriculum Technical Standards Brochure (pdf)

The Radiation Therapy clinical concentration was developed to train and prepare students to meet the daily challenges of a Radiation Therapist in the dynamic field of Radiation Oncology and meet the growing demand for radiation therapists nationwide.  Radiation Therapists are key members of the radiation oncology team. They provide direct patient care to patients undergoing radiation treatment for cancerous and some non-cancerous conditions. The Radiation Therapy Program at Stony Brook University is through partnership with Mount Sinai Health System.  After completion of the didactic lessons in this clinical concentration, students continue on to the non-credit post-baccalaureate program in order to be eligible to take the national registry examination. The 12 month post-baccalaureate rotations are conducted at the Mt. Sinai Health System. (Total length of program 5 years: Health Science major (4 years) + 12 months (non-credit continuation of study) = 5 years. Through this industry academic partnership, students will hone the skills that are required to serve our patients in the community while maintaining ethical standards and professionalism in and out of the clinic. They will become an integral part of the health care team in the battle against cancer and leaders in providing the highest level of patient.