Information and Advising Sessions

In accordance with the mission of SBU, the Health Science major promotes undergraduate students' development and academic success by providing high quality academic advising to help students grow intellectually and personally; facilitating students' academic transition into and through SBU; and by offering proactive communication, programs, and services that engage students and foster academic connections with the diverse community of scholars.

Health Science academic advising is a collaborative effort between our advisors and students. Historically, the majority of our graduates plan on continuing their education. With this in mind, we ask that when students come for an advising session they share their plans of pursuing an additional degree program. If a student does not intend on pursuing an additional degree program right away, he/she should come with course prerequisites that may also need to be completed prior to graduation. With this information at hand, Health Science advisors can advise a student on how to properly schedule their requirements in a timely fashion.

Students planning on pursuing medical or dental school, should visit the Pre-Health Advising Center on west campus. After a student has done so, they may complete the Health Science online workshop to find out how to incorporate their medical or dental school requirements into the Health Science major. If there are other fields or programs that a student may wish to pursue, a student should bring all prerequisites with them so our advisors may assist them in selecting appropriate coursework.

Any student wishing to declare Health Science as their major is required to complete an on-line video workshop and post-video survey. After students complete the on-line workshop and submit the survey, they are able to come by to pick up a signed Health Science declaration form and advising checklist from Jennifer. It is always the students responsibility to ensure that the information provided during advisement is correct. We strongly recommend that students routinely review their transcript and degree audit to insure degree and graduation requirements will be satisfied.

To access a comprehensive electronic or hardcopy of the Health Science Student Handbook or Health Science Advising Booklet, please click the link below.

Health Science Major Declaration and Advising Requirements

No walk-in advising is available in the Health Sciences Center. Individual advising appointments with Jennifer Jimenez are available in the Health Sciences Center offices. Any student interested in declaring Health Science as their major must attend a mandatory online video workshop and complete a post-video survey. Email Jennifer Jimenez at to register for an individual appointment or for the link to the on-line Health Science workshop.

Please e-mail Traci Thompson at for the schedule of her drop-in advising hours. Students do not have to complete the on-line Health Science video workshop to attend drop-in advising hours with Traci.

Note: During certain times of the year/semester (registration, graduation, etc.) advising will not be available. For best appointment availability and a smooth registration process, attend drop-in advising or make an appointment early or mid-semester. If you have a check list that has been complete by Traci or Jennifer, please make sure that you ALWAYS bring your Health Science major “check list” with you to each advising appointment. It will assist you and your advisor as you plan your coursework.

Health Science Suggested Related Course Electives