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SHTM Research Seminar

Realistic Approaches for Research Scholarship Success

By Lauren Maloney, MD, NRP, FP-C, NCEE




Research Day

April 10, 2019

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Scholarship 101: How to Document Scholarship on your CV
By Pamela Block, Ph.D., Gloria Viboud, Ph.D., and Prithvi Shah, Ph.D.

October 10, 2018: Lori Hockman, PT, PhD, MS, NCS

Effects of Functional Electrical Stimulation Cycling versus Cycling Only on Walking Performance and Quality of Life in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized, Clinical Pilot Study

September 12, 2018: PIVOT Presentation by Maureen Piekos (12:00 – 1:00 pm)
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February 14, 2018: Hana S. Fukuto, Ph.D.
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November 8, 2017: Frank Rodino, MHS, PA
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September 13, 2017: Prithvi Shah, Ph.D. 

April 26, 2017: Research Day  

March 8, 2017: P.J. Moynihan "Healing Voices".
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February 8, 2017: Interdisciplinary Research on Concussion: Current Research & Potential for Collaboration Panelists: Christina Burke PT, Jeannie Guglielmo CLS, Lauren Stephenson AT, Mary Squillace OT, Angelo Rizzi PA, James Paci, MD Orthopaedic Surgery SB.
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