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Faculty & Staff of the Respiratory Care Program


  • Lisa Johnson, MS, RRT-NPS, Program Chair, Respiratory Care and Polysomongraphic Speciality Option (PSO)
  • Ann Cuccia, MPH, RRT-NPS,RPFT, Director of Clinical Education
  • John Brittelli, RT,MS,RRT-NPS,RPFT
  • James A. Ganetis, MS,RRT-NPS
  • Lisa M. Endee, MPHc, RRT-SDS,RPSGT,RST
  • Russell Rozensky, MS,RRT-SDS,CPFT, RPSGT, Program Director
  • Stephen G. Smith, MPA, RRT
  • Avram R. Gold, M.D., Medical Director PSO & Medical Director for Polysomongraphic Technology Program


  • Patricia Bley, Assistant to Chair