My decision to attend the Respiratory Care Program at Stony Brook was based on its excellent reputation. The program offers a more personal education with a lot of hands-on experience. Students who are graduates of the Stony Brook program are highly competent, well prepared, and enter the field with a very solid foundation. I attribute this to the high quality of the program. I would certainly recommend the Respiratory Care Program at Stony Brook to potential students as it offers a well-defined, comprehensive curriculum taught by extremely knowledgeable and experienced clinical faculty. My greatest professional achievement has been my last 5 years in the Sleep Apnea Center at Good Samaritan Hospital. I have played an integral part in its success and ultimate expansion to a 6- bed facility. I have enjoyed teaching students, training new employees, and promoting sleep hygiene within the community.
— Lisa M. Endee, RRT, RPSGT
Clinical Coordinator
Sleep Apnea Center
Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center

Natalie Sachman
— Natalie Sachman
Pulmonary Function Technologist
Pulmonary Function Lab
Respiratory Care Department
Stony Brook University Hospital
I recommend the field of Respiratory Care and the program at Stony Brook for anyone wishing to enter a health care profession. The Stony Brook program not only prepares an individual for a career in Respiratory Care, but also in its related fields including: cardiovascular testing, pulmonary testing, sleep technology, research, and management. Classroom instruction in the program provides a sound foundation of knowledge for the clinical rotations. My greatest professional achievement since receiving my BS degree in Respiratory Care at Stony Brook has been the opportunity to give back to the program. In addition to being a clinical instructor, I now guest lecture in several classes for the program. The program’s clinical instructors share their years of knowledge and experience with the students. Together with the program faculty, they provide well rounded learning experiences for the students, with numerous possibilities for their future.

I was undecided about my future, but I knew I desired to be on the forefront of patient care. When Respiratory Care was recommended to me, I had a tour of the program’s labs and facilities, and I was impressed with the equipment and curriculum. Going through classes, going on clinicals, seeing how other students are being taught, demonstrated that the education I received at Stony Brook’s Respiratory Care Program is superior. If you look at our alumni and their prestigious accomplishments, they speak loudly of the preparation and quality of the education provided.

Our faculty are second to none. They are open, caring, knowledgeable, diverse, and genuinely want you to learn and succeed. A unique dynamic in the Respiratory Care Program is how the faculty treats you like a colleague. Most importantly, each faculty member brings an area of specialty and different character to our program.

Through challenging course work, undying concern, and authentic empathy, the faculty gives you the confidence and education that allow you to shape yourself into who you want to be. I am nearing the end of my time here in respiratory care, and when I reflect back, I see an uncertain, mystified, meandering, and self-doubting young woman. Now, I have direction and the confidence to be the best respiratory therapist I can, and I believe my possibilities are endless.

Crystal Cordovano
— Crystal Cordovano

Gina DelGaudio
— Gina DelGaudio


I knew I wanted to be in the medical field with a strong desire to work with children. I met with Professor Ganetis during my freshman year, and after a long and in-depth discussion, I decided I would declare Respiratory Care as my major. After starting the program, I knew that I had made the right decision to be a respiratory therapist, helping patients with the most important part of life, breathing.

Enrolling in a wide variety of classes such as human anatomy, perinatal/pediatrics, and polysomnography, I believe I received the best education possible. Here at Stony Brook, I feel that we have good educational resources in the class room setting. Our labs have all the basic equipment we need to learn the profession. We also have a 1 bed sleep lab for those students who take the optional sleep program.

Stony Brook has some of the best clinical instructors. All are dedicated, intelligent people who truly want you to do well in the clinicals. We get hands-on experience and learn a great deal about patient care and professionalism. The clinical rotations are definitely a highlight in the program. The faculty and both senior and junior students are always there to give you a helping hand and an understanding ear. We have become like family and are there for each other.

I decided to become a respiratory therapist because I enjoy working in health care and wanted a profession that is in demand. I chose the program at Stony Brook because it is one of the few schools in New York offering a baccalaureate degree in Respiratory Care. Another reason was the fact that the program has over 1100 hours of clinical experience.

I feel the Respiratory Care Program has given me a solid foundation to enter the field. I am prepared with the theories and principles of respiratory care as well as hands on experience from clinical rotations. Our two labs are a second home to us. We learn everything there from didactics to hands-on instruction. Being with the same faculty and classmates for two years makes you feel like you’re in one big family. There will always be little problems here and there, but when it comes right down to it, we band together as one unit. The faculty is always available to help, and fellow classmates come to your aid when you need it.

The faculty are great in terms of coordinating our clinical rotation schedules and placement in different hospitals for the variety of clinical rotations. The rotations help put all of our classroom learning into hands-on experience.

During my two years in the program, I have grown to be more outspoken. I have come to learn that communication is very important in healthcare, and speaking your mind is essential for clinical practice.

Chris Cassidy
— Teresa Yat


Vincent David
— Vincent David
I choose to become a respiratory therapist because of the flexibility of the types of careers that were available, such as respiratory care, cardiovascular care, and polysomnography. I also took note of the high demand for therapists throughout the country. It is important to know that I will have a job waiting for me when I graduate. I was also impressed with the quality education at an affordable price that Stony Brook provides.

I found my professors very understanding and helpful both inside and outside of the classroom. My peers are always willing to help with study groups and study materials. I must say that one cannot get through this program without the help of your fellow classmates.

Another area where the program shines is the wide range of different hospitals that participate with the clinical education of students. We are exposed to the latest technology and newest types of therapy in our field.

Students at Stony Brook receive a comprehensive education that thoroughly prepares them for a career as a respiratory therapist. The program’s graduates are well recognized and are truly become leaders of their chosen field.