In-depth knowledge about the profession: This is extremely important and will make you a stronger, more informed applicant who is confident and secure in the choice of a career. An excellent place to begin learning more is, the web site of the American Association for Respiratory Care.

The Respiratory Care Program is a 2-year upper-division professional program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree.  A minimum of 57 credits is required for admission, including required, recommended, and elective courses.  Remember that you might need to take additional courses not listed on this sheet in order to reach the 57 credit minimum.

Minimum required courses include: 3 credits English composition; 6 credits in arts and humanities (excluding studio, skills, or technique courses); 6 credits social and behavioral sciences; 11 credits of biology, including 8 credits of general biology with labs and 3 credits of microbiology; 8 credits of chemistry with labs, 4 credits of physics with a lab, and 3 credits of statistics. Natural science courses (biology, chemistry, physics) less than 10 years old and for science majors are preferred.  Please note that Stony Brook University requires prerequisites for many of these courses that are above the required minimumClick here to see prerequesites for students enrolled at Stony Brook.

If you are a student at another college or university and are interested in one of the programs at the Health Sciences Center (HSC), please check with your pre-health advisor regarding the best way for you to meet Stony Brook’s prerequisites through the courses offered at your school.

The Respiratory Care Program at Stony Brook also requires students to be certified in Basic Life Support (BLS) offered by the American Heart Association (valid certification card required).  HSQ 270, First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, is a 3 credit course offered at Stony Brook that will provide this certification and also count toward the minimum of 57 completed credits required of all applicants.

Stony Brook freshmen have the opportunity to be accepted into a special 4 year respiratory care major by making an appointment with the program director. Students successfully completing the lower division component of the major are automatically advanced to the upper division professional program. Freshmen accepted into the 4 year major must complete all prerequisites with a grade of C or better by the end of the sophomore year, pass HAT 210 - Introduction to Respiratory Care with a grade of B or better, and meet the academic standards listed below.

To obtain further information about the Respiratory Care Program at 631-444-3180. Information sessions are held on the first Thursday of each month (except August) from 2-4 pm (Health Sciences Center, Level 2, Room 464A).

Before you apply, evaluate your academic strength as an applicant.All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of C or better. The minimum grade point average (GPA) for applicants is 2.5, with a minimum science GPA of 2.0. Consult with the program or a pre-health advisor before applying.

To apply to the program, please click here.

The Stony Brook University Respiratory Care Program and Polysomnography Specialty Option are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care (, 1248 Harwood Road, Bedford, Texas, 76021-4244, (817)-283-2835. The Respiratory Care Program is also an education program approved by the New York State Department of Education.

Respiratory Care Program Prerequisite Checksheet