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Physician Assistant Post-Professional Masters Program

Education is the best career stimulus package.

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This program open to certified Physician Assistants only.

Health Science Building photoWelcome to the Stony Brook University Physician Assistant Post-Professional Masters Program at the School of Health Technology and Management. The post-professional graduate PA program has been in existence since 2006. Beginning in the fall of 2010 the program is also offered in a complete distance learning format. This will provide more opportunities to PAs worldwide to receive a quality education. Our program has been designed for all practicing physician assistants who want to obtain their masters degree while enhancing their clinical knowledge and developing skills in administration, management, education and research.

The program is affordable and responsive to the needs of physician assistants. Small class sizes - offered in a variety of settings, times, and formats - allow students the flexibility to continue to work while advancing their education. Online courses are offered using synchronous and asynchronous interactive formats. The onsite courses are offered at two campus facilities - one on Long Island and the other in Manhattan.The program is structured to permit students to complete their masters degree within 15-18 months, should they choose to do so. However, they have up to five years to complete their masters degree. Students can choose a combination of onsite and online (distance learning) courses to complete their curriculum.

Key goals of our program are to increase PA marketability and visibility and to enhance the knowledge and skills that will apply in all future health care settings and communities. Our ultimate goal is consistent with our entry-level PA masters program and the Stony Brook tradition to promote clinical research, community service, and quality patient care services.

Read what our students say about our program by going to the FAQ. Please browse our web pages and contact us should you require additional information regarding the curriculum. We hope that you will choose to become a part of the Stony Brook tradition. If you decide the Stony Brook PA Post-Professional program is right for you, feel free to start your application process today.

The future of health care depends on you!


Lynn Timko-Swaim, MS, PA-C
Clinical Associate Professor and Director of PA Post-Professional Education

Nadya Dimitrov, DPM, PA-C
Clinical Associate Professor and Assistant Director of PA Post-Professional Education

This program has been approved by the State University of New York and the New York State Education Department.

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