Ghenet Weldeslassie, Ph.D

Ghenet Weldeslassie Ph.D

Clinical Associate Professor
Occupational Therapy Program
Stony Brook University


Dr. Weldeslassie received her Ph.D. from Stony Brook University in Social Welfare Policy and Research and her Masters in International Development from Brandeis University. Weldeslassie has been teaching interdisciplinary courses in behavioral, clinical and social sciences ranging from introductory to advanced courses in quantitative and qualitative research methods, statistics, evidence-based practice, and science in her earlier career. Her teaching experiences at Stony Brook University range from Programs of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Welfare, to the Undergraduate Colleges.

Dr. Weldeslassie’s teaching experiences also include two continents and in two different languages. Dr. Weldeslassie’s research interests are in the area of Therapeutic Jurisprudence, an interdisciplinary approach where Law & therapy meet to affect the healing process; and in Aging. Dr. Weldeslassie’s dissertation examined caregiver burden and the multiple factors that affect it such as, hours of care, providing help with ADLs, health, and other family factors. Dr. Weldeslassie, trained individuals in extraordinary caregiver programs sponsored by the School of Social Welfare and the New York State. Dr. Weldeslassie serves as a Visual Data Reviewer for Association of Institutional Research.

Dr. Weldeslassie is trained in Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data Systems (IPEDS) through award from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES). At Stony Brook University she served in committees, including Assessment, and Student Success.