Laura Borghardt

Laura Borghardt, MS, CMD

Clinical Assistant Professor
TH Rad Therapy Dosimetrist

Medical Dosimetry Program
Stony Brook University

UH, Level 2, Room 672
Phone: 631.444-9304
Fax: 631.444.1515

Professor Borghardt is the Director for the Medical Dosimetry program for the Health Science Major in the School of Health Technology and Management.  Ms. Borghardt earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and her Master’s of Science in Healthcare Policy and Management from Stony Brook University, where she was an active member of several honor societies.  She is a Certified Medical Dosimetrist and has been a member of the Physics Department in Stony Brook University Medical Center’s Department of Radiation Oncology since 2001.  Professor Borghardt also serves as an adjunct Professional Assistant at Suffolk Community College in the Department of Natural Science since 2003.  Her areas of specialty are in biology and chemistry.  Ms. Borghardt is a member of the American Association of Medical Dosimetry (AAMD) and the Medical Dosimetry Certification Board (MDCB)