Faculty Research

The Ph.D. program faculty in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences are composed experienced researchers scholars and clinicians drawn from a wide variety of health professions and social science fields. We will be updating this page to include brief descriptions of our faculty research.

Dr. Pamela Block, Associate Professor, Disability Studies Concentration Director

Dr. Block is Associate Dean for Research in the School of Health Technology and Management, Associate Professor in the Occupational Therapy Program, and Director of the Concentration in Disability Studies for the Ph.D. Program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. She is a Fellow of the Society for Applied Anthropology and was recently President of the Society for Disability Studies (2010-2011). Dr. Block received her PhD in cultural anthropology from Duke University in 1997. Her dissertation was entitled "Biology, Culture and Cognitive Disability: Twentieth Century Professional Discourse in Brazil and the United States." She researches disability experience on individual, organizational and community levels, focusing on socio-environmental barriers, empowerment/capacity-building, and health promotion. Her qualitative research combines historical analyses with community-based ethnographic and participatory approaches. She has taught in the areas of disability studies, assistive technology, foundations of OT, qualitative research design, human subjects research ethics, and grant writing.

HRS faculty member Pamela Block co-authors article about Disability Studies in Brazil: click here to read article

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