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November 30, 2016 midnight EST for consideration for domestic scholarships such as the Turner scholarship

January 13, 2017, midnight EST for consideration for regular admission for Fall 2017.

The Admissions Committee will consider all factors including grades, standardized test scores, recommendation letters, essays, prior training, professional experience, and match in research interest. The goal of the committee is to select applicants who have the academic capability, personal qualities, and commitment to provide future value to society through a career in interdisciplinary health sciences research. The applicant must submit two official transcripts from all post-secondary schools, GRE scores, three references, and one essay, no more than 1000 words on the candidate’s research interests and how those interests match to research at Stony Brook University SHTM.

The point of entry into the Ph.D. program is based on a “Mentor Match” of students with faculty from the SHTM. This match ensures a highly individualized program of study for the student based on existing research projects of the faculty. The Mentor will ensure that every student is exposed to related research from the three other branches of research in order to provide a successful translational research experience. Mentors and their collaborators, who are conducting research in other branches of this translational continuum, will expand the research experience of the students. At the same time, these translational research opportunities may facilitate the discovery of relationships between the student’s research and that of other faculty researchers.

The Admissions Committee of the program will assign the “Mentor Match” based on requests from the students as well as evaluations of their interests and strengths in relationship to the available faculty.

The curriculum consists of 78 credits requiring a minimum of four years of full-time effort. Although the direction of the students’ research will be highly individualized, all students must complete 21 credits of core courses, 27 credits of concentration courses (of which 12 are required), and 30 credits of dissertation research. In addition, there will be a no-credit doctoral seminar every semester for discussion and advancement of doctoral projects by professor and peers.

Upon completion of the 21 core credits and 12 required concentration credits students will be ready for the qualifying examination. Students will be offered the option of taking designated courses over the summer sessions.

Apply online. Applicants must complete a Stony Brook University Graduate School application via the “Apply Yourself” electronic application.