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Sharon Martino, PT, Ph.D.

Sharon Martino, PT, PhD

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Physical Therapy
Stony Brook University

Phone: 631-444-3256
E-mail: sharon.martino@stonybrook.edu

Dr. Martino received her Baccalaureate degree in Physical Therapy from Hunter College and went on to receive her Master of Science degree in Health Care Policy and Management with an emphasis on Education from Stony Brook University. She completed her Doctor of Philosophy degree in Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, in 2010. Dr. Martino currently teaches in the Doctorate in Physical Therapy Program in the areas of Research Design and Statistics, Evidence Based Practice, Health and Wellness and Case Studies. In the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Program, Dr. Martino teaches core coursework, doctoral seminars, and mentors students.

Dr. Martino’s current research interests revolve around the multi-system disorders that are associated with child and adult obesity. Currently she is the principal investigator of a funded study exploring the role of exercise intensity on body composition, cardiovascular endurance and endothelial health (using diagnostic ultrasound) in overweight / obese children. Past funded studies have looked at developing, validating and implementing a wireless activity sensor in the obese and healthy weight pediatric population.  Dr. Martino is also co-investigator on a study looking at the role of health technology and applications in promoting exercise, healthy nutrition and reducing stress in the pre- and post-surgical bariatric patient. 

Dr. Martino co-directs the Fit Kids for Life program, a nutritional and exercise program offered to children who are at risk for cardiovascular disease, including those with hypertension, elevated cholesterol and/or in or above the 85th percentile for Body Mass Index (overweight or obese), and to their parents/guardians. Interdisciplinary in nature, this twice weekly program is administered by a pediatric cardiologist, physical therapist, registered dietician, dietary interns, and behavioral psychologists, and has been offered over the past 18 years to children between the ages of 8 and 17, and their families. 

Peer Reviewed Publications

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Peer Reviewed Scientific and Professional Presentations

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Funded Grant Activity 

Martino, SA. , Principal Investigator.  Co-Investigators:  McKenna, R., Morelli, PJ, Agrawal, A. The effect of exercise intensity on cardiovascular health and body composition in children who are overweight or obese: A pilot study. Alfred J. Nelson/ NYPTA grant ($12,500). August 2018.

Martino, S., Principal Investigator; Brittelli, J., Dwyer, D. Sleep health in children: Causes, consequences and compliance. Stony Brook University Seed Grants for Survey Research (SGSR) ($10,000) May, 2012  

Martino, SA, PI. Co-investigators: Dwyer, D, Kier, C, and  Brittelli, J. Survey study of parents of children who have undergone sleep studies. Granting Agency: SBU Survey Center Seed Grant. Amount of Award: $10,000 per one year.  July 2012.

Martino, SA, PI. Saucony Run for Good Grant. Granting agency: Saucony. Amount of Award: $10,000 per year for one year.  March 2011.

Sharon Martino, PI; Co-investigators: Peter Morelli, MD, Samir Das, Shmuel Einav. Development and validation of a wireless activity monitor in overweight children. Granting agency: Stony Brook University TRO / FUSION.   Amount of Award: $80,000. November 2010-2012.

Sharon Martino, PI. Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Body Composition, Fitness Levels and Quality Of Life In Overweight And Obese 8-17 Year Olds: Outcomes Of A 10-Week Multi-Disciplinary Randomized Controlled Trial. Granting agency: General Clinical Research Center Grant MO1RR10710 Amount of funding: $26,500 per year for two years. 2008-2010.