Program Fees & Financial Aid


Expenses Amount
Tuition  $7,500.00 
University Fees  TBA
Books  $650.00 
Medical/ Drug Tests (Range)  $50 - $60
Uniforms  $100-200 
FISDAP- Scheduling Software-Exams  $250.00 
NREMT Credentialing Exam  $125.00 
Malpractice Insurance  $25.00 
ACLS (on line)  $132.00 
PALS (on line)  $132.00 
Travel/Mileage/Meals Variable

For more details, and for withdrawal and refund calendar, please click here for the Student Financial Services web page.

Financial Aid

  • The post-baccalaureate clinical year of study is NOT eligible for TAP or financial aid assistance. Students who require assistance in obtaining personal or alternative loans to finance their post-baccalaureate clinical year or who have HAN status and require basic tuition information should contact the Office of Student Services at
  • Students who have declared Health Science as a major and have HAV status (freshman, sophomores, or juniors) can direct their questions to the west campus financial aid office.