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Program Goals

Disability Studies draws from philosophy, history, anthropology, sociology, law, political sciences, economics, English, literary and cultural studies, bioethics, women, gender and sexuality studies, and many other fields.  The goal of this certificate program is to train scholars from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds to use a variety of methodologies to operationalize critical theories and focus on the practical and policy implications of disability with the intent of addressing social inequalities, improving quality of life and community access for disabled people. Students within the DS certificate program will:

  1. Examine the multi-faceted meanings of the concept of disability
  2. Explore the role of power, social identity, and status as related to disability
  3. Consider the role of social, economic, and spatial inequalities, and;
  4. Assess actual and desired changes at the organizational, community, national, and international levels that might positively affect disabled people.
  5. The certificate will help make students in humanities marketable in health care professions or open up other career paths to them.