Learning Objectives

  1. Learn about the emergence of the field of disability studies over the past century and beyond. (HAX664)

  2. Identify contrasts  between clinical approaches to the concepts of “impairment” (the visible or invisible physical difference body) and social science and humanistic approaches to disability (the socio-cultural, environmental consequences of impairment). (HAX664, HAX668)
  3. Use disability studies to challenge traditional structures and systems of power by providing alternative formulations, and critical discourses that challenge the fundamental understanding of disability experience in academia and in society. (HAX664, HAX665, HAX667, HAX668, HAX669)
  4. Question their own positions within disability studies scholarship as well as the intersection of this scholarship with other disciplinary fields. (HAX668, HAX669, HAX667, HAX665)
  5. Critically evaluate programs and policies related to disability in the contemporary world. (HAX669, HAX665, HAX668)