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Learning Objectives

In Disability Studies You will: 

  1. Learn about the emergence of disability studies and its relevance to activism, policy and service provision. (HAX664)
  2. Identify alternatives to clinical approaches to “impairment” (the visible or invisible physical difference body) and disability (the socio-cultural, environmental consequences of impairment). (HAX664, HAX668)
  3. Use disability studies to challenge and change traditional structures, systems and policies. Transform fundamental understandings of disability experience in health fields, service systems, in academia, and in society as a whole. (HAX664, HAX665, HAX667, HAX668, HAX669)
  4. Develop an individualized plan of study for your unique interests and desired areas of growing expertise. Question your own position within disability studies scholarship as well as the intersection of this scholarship with other disciplinary fields. (HAX668, HAX669, HAX667, HAX665)
  5. Critically evaluate programs and policies related to disability in the contemporary world. (HAX669, HAX665, HAX668)