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Program Description

Disability Studies Students

  1. Examine the multi-faceted meanings of the concept of disability;
  2. Explore the role of power, social identity, and status as related to   disability
  3. Consider the role of social, economic, and environmental inequalities, and;
  4. Assess actual and desired changes at the organizational, community, national, and international levels that might positively affect disabled people.

Program Description

The certificate program in Disability Studies focuses on multiple social and environmental factors that influence the experience of chronic conditions and functional impairments.  These factors range from architectural barriers to social discrimination and have a profound influence on access to education, employment, recreation, and participation in other community activities across the life cycle.

The Disability Studies program offers a course of study that leads to the Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies. Both Online and In-Person courses are available. Disability Studies draws from and enriches many fields in the social sciences and the humanities. It is relevant to applied social and health  professionals, educators, and policy makers. The goal of this certificate program is to train scholars from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds to develop expertise in practical and policy-implications of disability with the intent of addressing social inequalities, improving quality of life and community access for disabled people. The program has affiliated faculty members from more than a dozen different programs in the social and behavioral sciences, humanities, and health sciences and is designed both as a stand-alone certificate, and also to allow students working toward a variety of applied and basic degree programs in virtually every field of study across the sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts.

Disability Studies can be studied in conjunction with any discipline, field or profession

The program is designed to develop and enhance individual expertise and allow students to specialize in specific areas of disability experience. It draws on faculty whose work engages with disability in a wide range of disciplines. Graduates of our program may work in:

  • Higher education
  • Primary and secondary education
  • Disability and social services across the lifespan
  • Local, state, national government
  • International governmental and  development organizations
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