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Graduate Certificate Program in Disability Studies

Welcome to the Graduate Certificate Program in Disability Studies

About the Program
The certificate program in Disability Studies focuses on multiple social and environmental factors that influence the experience of chronic conditions and functional impairments. These factors range from architectural barriers to social discrimination and have a profound influence on access to education, employment, recreation, and participation in other community activities across the life cycle.
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In Disability Studies You will:

  1. Learn about the emergence of the field of disability studies over the past century and beyond.
  2. Identify distinct contrast to clinical approaches to the concepts of “impairment” (the visible or invisible physical difference body) and disability (the socio-cultural, environmental consequences of impairment).
  3. Use disability studies to challenge traditional structures and systems of power by providing alternative formulations, and critical discourses that challenge the fundamental understanding of disability experience in academia and in society.
  4. Critically evaluate programs and policies related to disability in the contemporary world. 
  5. Develop an individualized course of study to meet your unique interests.