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Athletic training students must complete the following required courses:

Professional Courses (Year One)

Course Title Credits
HAL 305 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 3
HAL 306 Prophylactic Taping, Bracing and Equipment Fitting 2
HAL 320 Clinical Evaluation & Diagnosis of the Lumbar Spine & Lower Extremity 3
HAL 321 Clinical Evaluation & Diagnosis of the Head, Cervical Spine & Upper Extremity 3
HAL 345 Therapeutic Modalities 4
HAL 360 Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries 4
HAL 370 Exercise Physiology 4
HAL 481 Athletic Training Practicum I 3-6
HAL 482 Athletic Training Practicum II 7
HAL 483 Athletic Training Practicum III 7

Professional Courses (Year Two)

Course Title Credits
HAL 435 Organization and Administration in Athletic Training 3
HAL 355 General Medical Conditions & Disabilities in the Physically Active  4
HAL 351 Research Methods and Biostatistics 3
HAL 484 Athletic Training Practicum IV 3-6
HAL 485 Athletic Training Practicum V 7
HAL 486 Athletic Training Practicum VI 7
HAL 450 Senior Research Seminar 3
HAL 460 BOC Exam Primer 1
HAL 499 Athletic Training Teaching Practicum  2

Special Academic Requirements

To fulfill the upper-division writing requirement in athletic training, the student will submit a writing sample to the program writing committee. The writing sample will be the final draft of the research paper written for HAL 450.

Athletic training professional courses may only be repeated one time.  Inability to achieve the grade of C or higher on the second attempt will result in the student being dismissed from the program.  A student receiving less than a grade of C in any practicum course will result in a student being subject to termination from the program.

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