Typical Course Schedule

Students enroll in two traditional Fall and Spring semesters, and four Summer sessions (see typical schedule below). The curriculum includes a core sequence of courses (24 credits) as a foundational base of knowledge, skills, and competencies in Health Informatics as prescribed by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics (CAHIIM). Students then select a specialization of study (12 credits) for the Spring semester. Please consult with an advisor for more information about specializations. Each specialization requires students to complete 16 credits.

Students also complete 480 hours of practicum experience at health systems, community-based health care organizations, or with health care IT vendors in the region. The practicum provides students with on-the-job-training to build their resumes with work experience.

Students typically complete the program in 15 months.

Summer I: 

  • HHA 501: Biomedical and Health Informatics Essentials
  • HHA 503: Regulations, Confidentiality, Privacy and Security

Summer II: 

  • HHA 500: Health Care Delivery Systems
  • HHA 506: Research Design and Methodology for Health Informatics Professionals
Fall Semester:
  • HHA 502: Health Information Systems and HIT 
  • HHA 504: Database Design and Development for Health Informatics Professionals
  • HHA 505: Leadership and Management Essentials
  • HHA 507: Statistics for Health Informatics Professionals

Spring Semester Specialization Courses:
I. Clinical Informatics

  • HHA 530: Clinical Decision Making and Process Improvement 
  • HHA 531: Health Information Systems  
  • HHA 532: Leading and Managing Clinical Information Systems Change
  • HHA 584: Specialization Practicum I


II Security and Systems:

  • HHA 520: Program Management and Administration for Privacy and Security 
  • HHA 521: Physical and Technical Safeguards of Health Information
  • HHA 522: Forensic Analysis and Health Information Cybercrime 
  • HHA 523: Legal and Regulatory Issues, External Environmental Assessment, 
  • HHA 584: Specialization Practicum I


III. Knowledge Management and Leadership Specialization:

  • HHA 540: Health Data Management
  • HHA 541: Information Technology and Systems
  • HHA 542: Advanced Organizational Leadership and Management
  • HHA 584: Specialization Practicum

Summer I:
HHA 586: Specialization Practicum II

Summer II:
HHA 588: Specialization Practicum III 

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