Summer I: 
HHA 501: Biomedical and Health Informatics Essentials
HHA 503: Regulations, Confidentiality, Privacy and Security

Summer II: 
HHA 500: Health Care Delivery Systems
HHA 506: Research Design and Methodology for Health Informatics Professionals

Fall Semester:
HHA 502: Health Information Systems and HIT 
HHA 504: Database Design and Development for Health Informatics Professionals
HHA 505: Leadership and Management Essentials
HHA 507: Statistics for Health Informatics Professionals

Spring Semester Specialization Courses:
HHA 530: Clinical Decision Making and Process Improvement 
HHA 531: Health Information Systems  
HHA 532: Leading and Managing Clinical Information Systems Change  
HHA 584: Specialization Practicum I


HHA 540: Health Data Management 
HHA 541: Information Technology and System 
HHA 542: Advanced Organizational Leadership and Management 
HHA 584: Specialization Practicum I


HHA 550: Applied Healthcare Analytics
HHA 551: Big Data Technologies in Healthcare
HHA 552: Healthcare Data Visualization
HHA 584: Specialization Practicum I

Summer I:
HHA 586: Specialization Practicum II

Summer II:
HHA 588: Specialization Practicum III