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Welcome to the School of Health Technology and Management Office of the Director of Diversity

The mission of the School of Health Technology and Management (SHTM) Office of the Director of Diversity (ODD) is to work collaboratively with faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders to promote a broadened individual and collective understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our aim is to create a culture of inclusion and social justice within SHTM, by recognizing its diversity and addressing mechanisms of systemic bias that affect marginalized groups. The aim is to foster growth and advocacy for all members of the School. With support from leadership, the ODD advises and recommends policies, professional development, and pedagogical practices as is consistent with the mission of the SHTM.

National Hispanic Heritage Month
Wednesday, September 15 - Friday, October 15, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month People with flags from Hispanic countries in front of a rainbow

Ms. Adroma Castillo:

“Humanity is going through very painful moments caused by the pandemic, but we must remember that after the storm comes the calm. In this portrait, we can appreciate a hand that raises the flags of Hispanics together with people of different ethnicities looking towards a majestic rainbow that represents Hope. “Esperanza!” The thing that characterizes us as Hispanics is that no matter what storms we go through, we always look up and know that life will be dressed in colors like a shiny rainbow in the sky. “The infinity ribbon design was inspired by the theme, Hispanics: Be Proud of Your Past and Embrace the Future. The greatness of America can be measured by the collective contributions of its citizens past and present, and our future will be measured by our ability to uphold and instill unto others our most valuable assets: our shared culture, history, knowledge, and sense of community. As Hispanics, taking pride in the accomplishments and achievements of our mentors and our ancestors brings into focus the endless possibilities available to us today and boosts our capacity for embracing the future. This is our infinite cycle.”

Below is the Spanish language version of Ms. Castillo’s message:

“La humanidad está atravesando por momentos muy dolorosos causados por la pandemia, pero hay que recordar que siempre después de la tempestad, viene la calma. En este afiche podemos apreciar una mano que eleva las banderas de los hispanos junto con personas de diferentes etnias mirando hacia un majestuoso Arco Iris que representa. “La Esperanza!” Algo que nos caracteriza a nosotros los hispanos es que sin importar las tormentas que atravesamos en nuestras vidas siempre miramos hacia arriba y tenemos la confianza que pronto la vida volverá a vestirnos de colores como aquel Arco Iris que brilla en el Cielo.”

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