2020 Degree Candidates, Master of Science, Applied Health Informatics

Carmen McCoy

Congratulations Degree Candidates!  I wish you great success as you embark on your next journey.  Use everything that you learned about yourself through your academic, professional and personal experiences to seek out challenging and interesting opportunities.  While you will be competing in an environment that is unpredictable and adjusting to change, remain optimistic by exploring new possibilities.  Don’t be afraid of failure or rejection because they hold valuable life lessons that pave the way to success. You are prepared and capable; keep things in perspective and be willing to expand your skills.  Work hard to find a balance between pursuing your dreams and loving and serving others. Your acts of kindness will be far more fulfilling.  Finally, believe in yourself and follow your passion without an apology.


Best wishes,

Carmen (McCoy) Hall, MA, PhD (c)
Program Director, Applied Health Informatics

Class of 2020 Photo Montage
2020 Degree Candidates, Master of Science,
Applied Health Informatics

Danielle Benfanti

Stephanie Blair

Melanie Nicole Boselli

Raahima Bukhari

Alison Calderon

Jason Chen

Andy Chu

Matin Collaku

Maimouna Diallo

Tyler Kendall Dookie

Adam Jan Enzinger

Peter Han

Jeffrey Johnson

Matthew Philips Kennedy

Rakib Hasan Khan

Esther Kim

Tenzin Kunsel

Ryan Lee

Timothy Liu

Rachel Louie

Keith James Marro Jr.

Mohammed Akim Milord

Christopher Palacio

Daniel Joseph Pitti

Rafia Rahim

Alishba Shuaib

Montica Monique Sidhipunyapun

Anthony Christopher Tallini

Mabiorka Rafaelina Terrero

Maria Gabriela Urban

Hannah Vanchiere

Brandon Vega

Joshua Michael Wolber

Fang Wu

Sarah Zaidi

Mishkat Zaki


Excellence in Fieldwork Experience

Raahima Bukhari
Daniel Joseph Pitti
Rafia Rahim
Fang Wu


General Excellence Award

Ryan Lee